Overcoming Obstacles

Surprisingly, the Proclaim Audio DMT-100 loudspeaker is not nearly as imposing or, shall I say, all-up-in-my-grille, as I imagined it would be. It's actually kind of graceful. In fact, it has a sort of happy-go-lucky presence.

Hi-ho, wanna twist my tweeters? Okey doke. Feel like messin' with my midrange? No prob.

Designer Daniel Herrington seemed genuinely pleased with his loudspeaker solution. "This speaker is different, but it's not different simply for the sake of being different."

While Loiminchay's Patrick Chu creates trouble, locking himself in limitations and working to get out, Proclaim's Daniel Herrington looks at speaker design as a search for the most direct route.

"I'm always looking to overcome obstacles, achieve simplicity," he said.

David's picture

You want obstacles? How about the "application process" to get into the show?First, fill out the long form asking for name, address, phone, e-mail, and if I recall correctly, shoe size. Then, stand on line waiting to pay to get in. Then, stand on another line waiting for your name tag.Note to Primedia: This may not be the best way to treat your exhibitors' potential customers.

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You vant obstacles, vee got obstacles...

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Regarding the Proclaim speakers . . . AWESOME, OUTSTANDING, ABSOLUTELY INTENSE & WORTH $26K for a system! Daniel's hard work has certainly paid off. Heard the speakers in NYC last weekend and was amazed with the clarity and sense of music that permeated my soul as I experienced the music that filled me as I listened. Thank you for your great inspiration Daniel!

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I wouldnt want to cross its path :)