Seductive Magicos

With a sound that was seductively full-bodied and convincing, the Magico room was actually the first to lure me into a listening seat. And I stayed there for awhile, happily listening to music I was not at all familiar with.

"May I take your photograph, please, standing beside the speaker?" I asked Magico's designer Alon Wolf.


He smiled, I snapped. "Great. Thank you."

"Does it look better than the last photo you guys posted of me?"

I took a look and thought it over, "Um."

The three-way Magico V3 ($22,800/pair) made its US debut at CES 2007, and is available now.

Jeff Kalman's picture

I don't know if it was the volume they were playing them at, or the room itself (I suspect it was this, as the room appeared to have hardly any treatment, if any at all), but the minis weren't sounding too phenomenal on the 12th. It could have been the music I heard when I came in also I guess, since I'm not familiar with it at all.