Hot Cayin Peeper

VAS Audio's Sze Leung is one pleased papa when it comes to Cayin's new iDAC-1 USB-input DAC ("under $800!"). It has a Burr-Brown DAC, built-in remote controllable analog preamp that uses two 6DJ8s, sports an optical S/DIF digital input as well as the USB port, and even has a headphone jack.

"It's a great desktop solution, especially if you have powered loudspeakers like your NHT M-00s!" he said. "It's perfect for computers!"

Yes, Leung ends pretty much every sentence with an exclamation point. That's because he's excited about hi-fi. He's especially excited about good hi-fi.

Today, he was very excited.

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He looks very excited.

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Question: Has anyone compared the Cayin hybrid integrated amp with the the Pathos hybrid integrated amp and if so, with what results or thoughts. If you can give me any thoughts on this I would be very appreciative. Thanks, Charles Klein