Bring Your Own Battery?

Also on display at the Audio Advancements' booth, the Altmann BYOB Amplifier, naked as it was, caught my attention. Why no clothes? The idea goes that doing away with the enclosure eliminates the chance for resonances which might otherwise corrupt the original signal.

And you'll never guess what "BYOB" stands for. In this particular application, it's: Bring Your Own Battery.

The Altmann Amplifier is powered by a basic car battery. Altmann, explained Hart Huschens, recommends Optima Red Top batteries, but any old battery will do. Even if it can no longer start your car, it'll start the Altmann. One two-hour charge should provide 2 to 3 weeks of uninterrupted listening pleasure.

The Amplifier puts out a cool 10Wpc and weighs just a few ounces (not including the car battery, of course). Every aspect of its construction has been tested and specifically selected for its sonic character from the choice of wood (spruce) to the violin lacquer that coats it. The Altmann BYOB sells for $1050. I wonder if Sam Tellig has heard one of these.