Phew—the audiophiles turned up for the Show

If a long line at registration is an indication of a show’s success—and it’s certainly one indication—then Home Entertainment 2007, held this weekend at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan, could be pronounced a success by an hour after it was open to the public. The line was long enough that some people were grumbling—but their complaining stopped when they got in and had a chance see and hear all the neat stuff at the show. Exhibitors John Atkinson talked to at the end of the day seemed very happy with the turnout.

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A long line at registration can also be an indication of a badly planned and managed event. The computer system was not working correctly and to make things worse the event staff acted most rudely. When I got there at around 3PM there was a security guard literally barking orders at attendees as if they where children. The fact that the show registration was crammed into a hallway further added to the chaos. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show but it was not the best run event I have attended. Hopefully things will go smoother tomorrow.