Rapt in TAD

As co-blogger Bob Deutsch noted, the audiophiles indeed turned up for the Show. In buzzing, whirring droves. Opening day attendance was pretty damn staggering.

I wish you were here.

And, here, in the TAD Audio suite, we have a group of engrossed listeners all wrapped up in musical bliss. Let us watch as they strike the audiophile pose—arms crossed, hands on chin.


Jeff Kalman's picture

You vant bass, vee got bass.

Henry's picture

TAD was the best sound of the show for me. I was blown away by the realism and lack of distortion of the Model 2 speakers.

j's picture

TAD Ref 1 room had the best sound at the show easily ! I've never heard such resolution and realism from a speaker before , regardless of price and technology! After the show I ordered a pair:-)