Playing MP3?!

Also in the Dynaudio room, Mike Manousselis was jazzed like Attention Screen over his small and wily desktop computer speakers, the sharp MC15s ($1299/pair). First spotted at CES, these active minis, featuring two integrated 50W amplifiers, were born from Dynaudio's pro-audio technologies, explained Manousselis.

Playing modest MP3s from Mike's new laptop, the MC15s had absolutely no right to sound as good as they did.

Playing MP3?! Say what? Oh, no he d'in't!

Oh, yes. He did. Intensely fun nearfield listening.

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I walked in while they were demoing the $6500 speakers and was floored by how crystal clear and detailed the sound quality was. I wasn't as floored when I found out the price, but I didn't think the price was unreasonable by any means in comparison to a lot of speakers I had heard that day.

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These babys are their professional BM5a compact monitors for consumer use, should sound great for the money.

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