Power and Beauty

An early candidate for Best in Show honors, the Dynaudio/Simaudio room pulsed with warm, smooth, detailed sound. The impressive Dynaudio Confidence C1 loudspeakers partnered beautifully with Simaudio's W-7M amplification.

The speakers, in gorgeous piano black finish ($7000/pair), fairly vanished without a trace, while those unswerving monoblocks ($15,000/pair) poured 1000W (into 4ohms) of power into the space around us.

Jeff Kalman's picture

Yeah, the $6500 speakers definitely blew me away. I'm not surprised. "Crystal clear" are two words that came to mind when I wandered into the room. Definitely not too expensive on the speaker end either, considering the sound quality. This was the only room, of the rooms I visited, where I actually asked the demonstrator, "How much are those speakers?"My friend was trying to convince me that the Jospeh Audio $2200 speakers were better sounding to him, at which point I agreed that perhaps his hearing finally had gone bad. Of course, he is considering buying the $2200 speakers and not the $6500 speakers, as they are in his price range...

Buddy Hume's picture

I have been the proud owner of the Dynaudio C1's for more than six months now. They definately create amazing full range sound for such a compact set of speakers and will redefine your expectations of size vs. performance.I am eagerly awaiting the Stereophile review of these as I am surprised that they have not received more praise from this front prior to this show mention.

Vito's picture

Does anyone know what kind of cables were used in this system. I know they were cardas, but what line. Thanks

tunes10's picture

I second that motion, Buddy. I have the c1's for almost three years now and it still feels like the honeymoon. They're all about contrasts, aren't they. They can sing, punch out a rhythm, float background notes and shake the ground all at the same time - and make it sound asif nothing is easier.