Omaha Heat

Omaha was showing this nifty little 10Wpc No.OD-300B integrated amplifier ($1400), which was driving Omaha's Omaha Speaker (price tbd). Do I need to say that the No.OD300B uses a pair of 300B tubes? The system sounded warm and spacious. 10Wpc may not sound like much, but the Omaha speaker seemed comfortably driven. Fit'n'finish were impressive.

Tony Genovese's picture

I thought the Omahas displayed some of the best sound at the show: smooth and sweet with very nice timbre and a palpable soundstage. The speakers looked kind of like Ushers or SF's (very nice fit and finish) and the sound was addictive.

Theduke's picture

Yes, this small system proves that less is often more. Very, very good sound here.