The MBL Omni Speakers...

...use a unique drive-unit concept that provides breathtakingly realistic, silky-smooth treble reproduction. I always try to visit the German manufacturer's room at the end of the Show, to savor the sound of their 101E speakers. Driven by MBL's own amps and digital front-end, with Tara Labs "Zero" vacuum-dielectric cables, these lived up to my expectation, though the Show room was not completely sympatico with the bandpass-loaded woofers, which need a relatively well-damped acoustic to work at their best.

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This sytem I really enjoyed. Nice balance," expansive soundstage and good music. Dire Straits' ""Ride Across the River"" I think was on. I'd be interested in what Kal Rubinson thought as he was in the room at the time.

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