The Vivid & Gamut Rooms

The South African Vivid Audio K1 loudspeakers ($20,000/pair) in the Musical Surroundings room—seen here behind Musical Surroundings’ Garth Leerer (right) and Stereophile’s Michael Fremer at the Sunday afternoon raffle—produced an impressively large, sit-up-and-listen soundstage. A similar case of a soundstage that dwarfed the speakers that produced it awaited in the Gamut room. The L-7 flagship speakers ($14,900/pair), paired with the Di150 180Wpc integrated amp ($9800) and brand new CD3 ($6000), produced an amazing sense of space and depth, as well as some mighty low bass extension. Learning that the system lacked a power conditioner and was powered by stock power cords and $300 Siltech silver cables only increased my admiration. As the audiophile press has affirmed for several years now, Gamut is on to something very, very good.

David A Stephens's picture

Jason thank you for your kind words about Gamut we are pleased you enjoyed the expierence, I noticed a typo,the Price for the L7's is $14,900 Pr.

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Thanks for the correction, David. I fixed the L7 price.

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Hello !Can some one comment on the 2 rooms;GamuT + GamuT [L7 & DI 150]&Vivid + GamuT [K1 & DI 150]Which of these rooms sounded 'better' ?Any comments would be appreciated.Thanks.JOHN24.08.2006.

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