Red's Dead On, Baby!

Red Dragon's Leviathan Series monoblock amplifiers deliver 500W into 8 ohms for $5995/pair. Driving Acoustic Zen Adagio loudspeakers, they sure sounded sweet—and powerful! They're packed with cool stuff, such as Neutrik silver XLR inputs and Cardas solid-copper binding posts, not to mention ERS paper, which is "employed at key locations to absorb and diffuse unwanted EMI."

Maybe I'm just superficial, but I thought the Leviathan's wood cases and softly glowing logo lid just looked cooler than all get-out. Hey, sound is the crucial thing, but if you can look cool while performing well, I say go for it.

chris stratton's picture

This system was a close second for my favorite room at the show. If you would have told my that a small 2-way speaker could truly reproduce the sound and impact of a real drum kit in a room, I would have called you a lair. But after hearing these, I am now a believer.