Kisses in the Moscode Room

You could smell the chocolate from just outside the door. Walking into the Moscode room, I was greeted by a bowl of silvery Hershey's Kisses.

I sat down and found Moscode's George Kaye, who has been such a great and generous help to me in my discovery of hi-end audio, at my side. George is always happy to answer any question, and does so in a very clear and articulate way. The ordinary is made fascinating, the obstinate is made malleable.

I had just experienced a live performance by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, and was still reeling. I offered George their latest SACD, and asked him to give it a spin.

The Moscode 401HR, driving the new Joseph Audio RM25XL loudspeakers, sweetly and gently brought me right back to the breathtaking LAGQ performance.

"Want a kiss?" George asked as I departed.

"Thank you very much," I replied.

Holding one up and removing its silver foil, "I get in trouble with these," he said.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

I found the Moscode 401HR (for Harvey Rosenberg) 200W amp ($4995 through the fall) wonderfully extended and fast. Amidst many systems that some would consider colored, the Moscode amp impressed with its neutrality and correctness of timbre. I had only a brief moment to hear what the amp sounds like with a change of tubes, but its ability to use 6922,5814, 12AU7, and a whole lot more makes it a true chameleon amongst amplifiers. I truly look forward to spending more time with the Moscode.