High End iPod?

While the focus of HE2006 was clearly on consumer equipment, two recording engineers stopped me in the halls to show off a hot professional recording device from Sound Devices. Todd Garfinkle from M•A Recordings first alerted me to the two channel version of the portable recorder, which retails for around $2,400. About the size of a small book, it sports pro inputs and the ability to save to a flash card or host computer.

Next, Peter McGrath pulled me into the VTL/Brooks Berdan/Wilson Audio room to play back a recent recording of his using the four channel version of the device (around $4k). Talking to Todd and Peter reminded me of hearing kids who've just received their first iPods. "It sounds great and I can carry it anywhere," said Peter.

The recorder can capture 16 or 24 bit audio at sampling rates between 32kHz and 192kHz - enough to satisfy even the most demanding audiophile as a portable player!

BTW, sorry for the product shot - I didn't think to take a photo at the show while they were extolling its virtues.

Jeremy Bataglia's picture

I can see their market is for film sound, but with a few changes it would be perfect to bring full-res masters with me and have a portable playback source. It's way smaller than you think. Too bad no DSD, but I can understand why not. I don't think the company (Sound Devices) knows this market and would even see this posting.

Jon Iverson's picture

What sold both Todd and Peter is that they claim the device is sonically transparent -- you get out of it whatever you put into it. I would certainly trust their ears on this account, and Peter felt right at home using one as a portable high end audio source at the show to show off his recordings and Wilson loudspeakers. Just like someone would do with an iPod, were it worthy.

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Peter did his dems at last December's dealer seminars using the Sound Devices box whereas I (sharing the bill) used my laptop feeding a Metric Halo 2882 FireWire box. I was very impressed with his rig. Peter feels the mike preamps are superb, if not quite to Millennia Media standard.