The Viennese Tradition

WLM stands for Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur, and their product literature states that the company’s ambition is "to keep the Viennese heritage of music alive." While this might appear to give short shrift to institutions like the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna State Opera, the system featuring WLM Lyra speakers, Audio Aero SACD player and electronics sounded was exceedingly musical in its presentation.

J Schuster's picture

These are a very dynamic speaker with high efficiency. The sound, especially on the top end was very extended and smooth. The accompaning sub-woofer," made for an interesting full range sound. They really had an ability to get into ""the gestalt"" of the music event. They appear to work well with moderate power"," thus avoiding the need for monster amps and their excessive prices. The ""Audio Aero"" electronics", were also a major contributor to the sound, Robert's comment about musicality is spot on.