Simaudio & Dynaudio

In the Simaudio/Dynaudio room, the sheer size and weight of the bass commanded equal respect. This was some of the finest low bass extension I have so far encountered at the show. (The bass impact of the new Wilson Watt/Puppy8s also deserves mention). Imagine my surprise when, after my audition, Simaudio’s Costa Kouliisakis told me that he had not yet succeeded in getting the room to deliver all of the deep bass extension the equipment was capable of producing.

The system, which also had a most listenable high extension, included the Simaudio Andromeda player ($11,500), P-8 preamp ($11,000), W-8 250Wpc amp ($10,500), LFA and LFS line conditioners for CD and preamp ($700 and $660 respectively), Dynaudio Evidence Temptation speakers ($40,000/pair)—the name suggests that attendance at a 12-step group for love addiction is mandatory—and approximately $8000 worth of Cardas Golden Cross cabling.