J-10 gets camera back but Mikey loses his Show bag

Former Stereophile scribe (now PR person) Jonathan Scull (left), blogger Stephen Mejias (center), and surround-sound maven Kal Rubinson—plus webmaster Jon Iverson, Ultimate AV's Fred Mantegian, and your humble servant, taking the picture&151;were having a good time, about to go out to dinner. Then, in the cab on the way to the restaurant, Jonathan realized that he had left his new digital camera back at the Sheraton, on the table that you see in the picture. A frantic call to the Sheraton, asking them to look for the camera, was to no avail. Then, after dinner, when we got back to the hotel, as we got out of the cab, we were spotted by Maureen Jenson, Editor of Home Theater magazine, who called out to Jonathan: "Did you get your camera?" It turns out that Maureen found the camera, and had passed it on to one of the Stereophile staff to return to Jonathan. Disaster averted!

Michael Fremer was not so fortunate. After the Musical Surroundings raffle mentioned earlier, he put down a red WBT tote bag containing all his notes on what he had seen and heard from the Show while he interviewed the ex-owner of legendary Gold Star studios. He realized on his way back from the interview that he didn't have the bag and retracing his steps failed to turn it up. If anyone comes across his bag, please email Michael at grooves@musicangle.com. Otherwise his "Analog Corner" column in the September Stereophile is going to be mighty short.

Update: Mikey's bag was found—there will be a September "Analog Corner"—St. Jude is frustrated for a second time in the same day!