Just got back from the John Atkinson/Bob Reina/Allen Perkins jazz trio concert and it was great! Especially when you consider that these guys only play together once a year at the HE shows.

The set included Bill Evans' "Peace Piece," Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage," Miles Davis' "So What," Dizzy Gillespie's "Night In Tunisia," and originals by Reina and Atkinson.

The band had fun and so did I. Reina can be a monster on piano—and was was on today. JA played a popping/slapping solo in Reina's "Sinatra Way" that bought down the house, and where do you even start with Allen Perkins' drumming? He's got huge ears ad he's one of the most solid time-keepers I've ever heard.

BTW, Stereophile is going to release a CD of Reina's other jazz band, Attention Screen in 2007.

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Why cool looking bass - who made it?

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It's a semi-acoustic fretless Carvin: throughneck construction, piezo pickup, and some nice body resonances to project the sound when you play an octave up the neck.