Horns’n’triodes go together like...well, horses and carriages—and those who view both horn loudspeakers and tube electronics as antiquated technology might say that the simile is particularly apt. Although I would not want to argue that the way to sonic bliss is obtainable only by pairing horn loudspeakers with triode tube amplifiers, the combination can be magical, as was the case with the Acapella Audio Arts speakers and Wavac Audio Lab electronics on demo at HE 2006.

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Please note that this system was wired with PranaWire Cosmos Series Speaker Cables and Cosmos Series Interconnects and also with the new PranaWire Kensho and Satori power cables.

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Please note that this system used the new Isoclean Supreme Focus power cords on the Accustic Arts Dac & Drive, and the power cords on the Isoclean PT3030G transformers were the Super Focus. The PranaWire Cosmos speaker cables provided a warmer sound, while the Acapella LaMusika speaker cables had more focus and extension of the upper frequencies.

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The Acapella Violon speakers with their unique ion plasma tweeter are amazing. I'm looking forward to read a review in stereophile...