Our Gang

John Atkinson and I were musing yesterday about modern tribes, riffing off the concept writer Corey Doctorow proposed in Eastern Standard Tribe, that you choose your tribe these days based upon shared passions and shared goals. In that sense, the HE shows are a gathering of our tribe and the high point of all of them is meeting (and recognizing) fellow tribe members.

I love gawking at the new gear, but what I really love is walking down the halls surrounded by guys just like me—guys who get my references to obscure albums, eye-candy LP covers, and long-lamented components I have "traded up" from.

This photo shows John Atkinson, Bruce Kendall, hifitommy, Buddha, and his running mate Mike, at an emergency quorum of homo stereophilus.

My vote for Best In Show.

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Cheers to that.

hifitommy's picture

a GREAT show, we went to the dr john show following this meeting of the mindless and had a fantastic time. i kinardly wait for the next show. it was wonderful to meet the people behind the names, enophile included.i sincerely hope the show comes to LA again soon!next time-the jazz bakery john. maybe ruth can coordinate a date with a group compatible with our interests.