New Babies for VTL's Luke & Bea Manley

VTL announced a major upgrade to their TL-7.5 Reference Linestage Preamplifier (current gain technology, with dramatically lower noise floor), which is now the TL-7.5 Series II. They also have an upgraded version of the MB-450 monoblocks and a new 250Wpc MB-185. Pictured: VTL’s Bea Lam with the system that featured the TL-7.5/MB-450 combo driving Wilson Sophia 2s. Lovely sound.

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What gives with VTL? They have announced a bunch of new things over the last year, but you would never know from their website (which still lists the 7.5 as a NEW product).I have emailed them several times with inquiries and they have never once responded. It's odd.