Enjoyable Music, Affordable Price

"At first, we didn't want to sell these speakers," admitted Jay Rein of the adorable Neat Motives. "I mean, who needs another nineteen hundred dollar speaker?"

Jay explained that Bluebird Music had brought in the Neat line for their larger Ultimatum MF7 loudspeakers ($15,000/pair), but when they heard the Motives, they knew they'd have to make room for them, too.

"We want to show that enjoyable music doesn’t have to cost a zillion dollars. This is about enjoying music and having fun. We're having fun now."

Paired with the Exposure 2010S amplifier and CD player ($1250 each) and tied together by Kubala-Sosna cables, Bluebird's sweet, neat little package breezes in under $5000 and offered a truly enjoyable and musical experience.