Thiel CS3.7 Debut

Jim Thiel's CS3.7 was announced at CES 2006 and even shown—sort of. It wasn't a working model and it was packed with new technological, um, wrinkles, such as its 4.5" aluminum midrange ring with an "undulating, radially ribbed contour." Not to mention the 3.7's new, ribbed 10" woofer and passive radiator, which resemble hubcaps of the "spinner" variety.

Well, HE2006 saw (heard?) the performance premiere of the CS3.7s—barely. Apparently, Thiel completed the only working prototypes scant minutes before UPS picked them up to deliver to the show. "As a result," Thiel deadpanned, "I can tell you everything about them except how much they cost and when we can deliver them."

But that's what we want to know, Jim! So let me tell you what I know, which is that driven by Audio Research's Reference 210 monoblock power amplifiers ($20,000/pair), the CS3.7's were unbelievably dynamic and tonally accurate. Breathtakingly so—whether on big band jazz or small acoustic ensembles.

So I'm waiting, although far from patiently, to find out when I can have a pair and what they're going to cost. Be gentle, Jim.

ryan lee's picture

i cant wait to get a pair of thiel 3.7.

Rajesh's picture

I am a audiophile from seven seas across; from India. Your new CS 7.2 speakers look ecstasic, hope they sound orgasmic. (Pun intended) Jokes apart, here in India, we do not get to even see (forget listening) your speakers (also many other high end audio equipment). When are you folks planning to set up shop here?

Greg's picture

$10,000 a pair.