Less Room = More Music

One of the great demos at the show is a comparison between two identical systems and rooms, with one major difference: one has been treated with Real Traps and RPG acoustic treatment products and one left au natural. The display was hosted by dealer Ultimate Audio Video and acoustics consultants Rives Audio and the difference was not subtle. As Stephen pointed out, the treated room was much easier to listen to, with a more open soundstage and less confused imaging. Rives Audio treated the room with RPG's products and Real Traps Corner Mondo Traps and Tri-Corner Bass Traps. Richard Rives Bird commented that after being set up, both rooms were within 3dB of flat in the bottom end, so the company's PARC equalizer was not even needed.

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Yes, I was very well-treated, thank you.

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The treated room, where we anticipated needing a PARC was 3 db from flat. We believe that correcting passively is better than using an active EQ whenever possible. In this case the low frequency trapping allowed us to get within 3 db of a flat response, thus no PARC was needed. In the untreated room the bass was not as flat as there were no bass traps.

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Was one of the Stephens sound treated?

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service audio