Cult CD player from DynaStation

A CD player that combines the transport from a Sony PlayStation, an output section using rare New Old Stock tubes, and no remote control? That’s the DynaStation II CD player ($6000), said to have a cult following in Germany, and now imported by Avatar Acoustics. You can have it somewhat cheaper if you want less esoteric tubes, or pay more if you want even more esoteric ones. The system with Ascendo System E speakers, using the DynaStation II as the source, sounded really good, though.

Don's picture

I own this unit. It is leagues better than the run of the mill names I have owned or auditioned including MBL, Wadia, Levinson. The unit is just plain fantastic. It took about a week to get used to no display or remote... but then turntables have niether as well. I know, I know you may scoff at the notion of a sony PS One drive, but remember that unit has a 32 bit risc processor and more processing power than any cd player. These guys nailed the analog section. The only player that may be better is the $60K DCS Scarletti and this from a guy who owns the Dynastation (and who's ears I trust implicitly)and has heard the Scarletti.