No More Dry Eyes

Yesterday, we published a photo—see—of audiophiles listening to a CD-R of the provisional master of "Shenandoah" from my new recording of Cantus' There Lies the Home album, due for release in July, on the new Wilson WATT/Puppy 8s. You can see in that picture Wilson's Peter McGrath about to shoot a photo. This is what he captured. But what is Mikey Fremer holding in his hand?

Charles Hansen's picture

What is Mikey holding?1) The hand of his invisible date, or;2) Dave Wilson has had a terrible accident and his body has been cryogenically preserved until doctors have the knowledge to save him. In the meantime, an Animatronics version is giving demonstrations and Mikey is holding his controller, or;3) A small voice recorder so that he doesn't have to take notes.

Pjay aka Peter Smith's picture

Mikey is holding the remote to the CD player. I know this is a shock to some that he actually owns a CD, but this one was a terrible recording of some ancient LP he personally recorded to CD. I guess it is more important to be familiar with the work that it is for it to be good :) Later in the show, I wanted to play my test CD and the rep had this hesitation. I told him it was just some classical and jazz, nothing special. He said he would give me 30 seconds max and I thought this was just plain odd behavior. After the 30 seconds, he let me have about ten more minutes to run the test set. As he gave me back the the CD," he told me he was gun-shy of peoples CDs after the ""Fremer event"". He must have heard what I heard. Also", that is me in the front row, right.