Avid Analog

Music Direct was showing off two new turntables in the Avid line: the $4500 Volvere and the $7500 Sequel. The Volvere was developed by using the flagship model Acutus as its prototype and removing or downsizing only those elements that had the least effect on sound quality. Like the Acutus, the Volvere has adjustable suspension, adjustable horizontal damping, and a motor mount that keeps the subchassis and platter from dancing closer and further apart from one another(a common problem with many sprung subchassis models).

I heard the Volvere through Valve's new $4000 Black Widow amplifier and Legacy Focus 20-20 loudspeakers ($6498/pair) and nearly had to pinch myself. The warm strains of a soon-to-be released test pressing of Mobile Fidelity's Scott Hamilton and Gerry Mulligan was almost lifelike. No, that's not quite accurate—the LP sounded spookily lifelike. And warm, and sensual, and . . . I think I might need a minute to gather myself. Carry on without me—I'm going back for seconds.

Chris Barker's picture

Uh," I think the price for the Volvere is ""$4","500"" not the ""$500"" that you mention. Please", if I am wrong tell me where I can place an order for this turntable for $500 immediately!

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How come only the turntables get to be shown, and not the juicy amplifiers and speakers that ENABLE the turntables to be heard as they should. And it is Valve Audio, not just Valve's. I've got one and I can read the print!