Bard: Wireless Without the Computer

Jon Iverson wrote about Bard's wireless system, but I think it worth emphasizing that, although Bard has a USB dongle that will transfer music from your computer to other systems, many audiophiles might be even more thrilled by the Bard One ($850), which inserts between your preamp and power amp and broadcasts to a nearby system, where it plugs into that preamp's line inputs. It's small and unobtrusive and sounded very good at HE2006, I hope to get my mitts on a sample and write about it further.

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I am, as we all know," totally technologically dumb. But this system seemed incredibly easy to use and set up.""I want my mother to be able to use it"," Sonneteer's Haider Bahrani told me, without having to ask me a million questions.""