Stereophile Staff Arrives

Since we're spread around the country, the only time we meet in person is usually at a show. Hanging out by the Sheraton's pool are Jason, John and Jon.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Looking good, fellas.

John Atkinson's picture

I thought I asked you to PhotoShop out my beer belly, Jon!

Patrick Griffith's picture

How could he have?This is the first thing one notices.Instead of asking ,you should work out to make it less

Jenn Martin's picture

I can't wait to be at the show on Friday! The last time that I attended such a show was the Stereophile show in, as I recall, Santa Monica," sometime around 1986. What a great time. I had a lovely lunch with Enid Lumley and Neil Levenson (!) and heard so much great music through fabulous gear. I've recently re-entered this hobby after a 10 year hiatus. This will be a great way to ""catch up"". Thanks for having it in L.A. Jenn