Totem's Model One—20 Years On

It has been 20 years since Montreal-based Totem Acoustics made its name with the Model One minimonitor, and the speaker has both remained in production and been featured in Stereophile's "Recommended Components" listing all that time. I am working on a follow-up of the current production One, but taking pride of place in Totem's FSI suite was the limited-edition Model One Signature ($3595/pair). Only 2000 pairs will be made, and differences over the regular Model One include upgraded drivers, a bevel-edged, mahogany-veneered cabinet stained "root brown," and the WBT connector panel you can see in my photo. Despite the speakers' diminutive stature, the system, based on an Accuphase CD player, Plinius integrated amplifier, and Totem's own biwire cables, filled the relatively large suite with satisfying sound.

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Totem est notre fiert

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Another (along with the Gershmans in the blog below) on my short list, I was very impressed (as I have always been by the Totems whenever I've been to their demo rooms). As I won't be buying before 2010, I'll have to "settle" for something other than this limited edition, if I chose Totem, but having heard a number of their speakers, that won't be a problem.

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I have totem model one and the sound quality is the best bookshelf I ever have, the bass is very tide, the vocal very natural.