Wow X Two

Both examples of the Verity Sarastro IIs ($40,000/pair) that I heard at FSI sounded amazing. I say this with some surprise, since I was never entirely comfortable with the original Sarastro. Go figure, new and improved.

I went in to hear the Ayre K-XR preamp and M-XR monoblock power amplifiers and maybe catch a glimpse of the new dCS Puccini SACD player, but was immediately stopped by how darn good the system was sounding. A hot jazz organ combo was simply cooking and the Sarastro IIs had captured that Hammond growl with startling physicality.

I turned to Verity's John Quick and said, "I have got to get this disc!"*

"Quick smiled. "You can't. It's a Nagra master tape of Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, Larry Goldings, and Bill Stewart, recorded at Montreux on a Nagra-D. He moved to reveal a Nagra-D playing a open-reel digital master.

Aw shucks.

* This is what audiophiles do when they hear a great system: They buy the record.

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Beautiful preamp! IMO the best preamp currently available (I lucky enough to have a brand new one in my system, and its still breaking in). Since the volume level goes from 1-60, you guys must have playing it at intense levels (level 53) -- hope your ears have stopped ringing! Cheers Wes.

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I agree with Wes, the Sarastro 2 we're truly amazing in both rooms, especially in the Fidelio one with the Nagra tube amps. I heard the same Nagra amps with the Parsifal a few years back and the magic was happening then too. After hearing many great rooms, the Sarastro 2 instantly made me gasp "ahhhh" with their musical and relaxing way, pretty much the same way I feel when listening to LP's after hearing CD's all day. Something is really RIGHT about these speakers. No fireworks, nothing spectacular, just pure, touching and beautiful music! If only I could afford them...

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