Rogue Integrated and PSB Speakers—Affordable High End

At the "Ask the Editors" session on Saturday afternoon, Stereophile editor John Atkinson asked each of us on the panel—John Marks, Wes Phillips, and myself—what systems featuring low-priced equipment particularly impressed us at the show. There were actually several such systems that I could have named—but the one that first came to mind was the system based on the Rogue Cronus tube-based integrated amp ($1750, 55Wpc, includes a phono stage and headphone amplifier, with PSB Alpha B1 speakers ($279/pair). A nice, well-balanced sound, very easy on the ears. Mind you, they had an Oracle turntable as the front end, which might be classified as cheating, but, hey, it's an audio show.

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Yes, indeed a fine sounding room, Claude and guys are some of the friendliest and honest around. I enjoyed the sound coming out of that room.

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Absolutely! Claude at Son Id

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Claude is a great person to deal with and has been advising me on audio purchases for years

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