Singing For His Supper—en Francais

The first evening of the show, I had a most pleasant dinner with John Atkinson, Stereophile associate publisher Keith Pray, columnist John Marks, and the folks from Dynaudio and Simaudio. During the pre-dinner conversation, John Marks illustrated a point he was making by singing a bit, ably demonstrating his ex-choirboy credentials. His performance was apparently noticed by the people at the next table; at the end of the meal, one of the ladies at that table came over to us and said that this was her friend's birthday, and asked if the gentleman who was singing before could sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Ever game, the estimable Mr. Marks not only sang "Happy Birthday," but also an unauthorized version of the "Marseillaise," with the words, "Aux armes, Citroën!"

You had to be there.

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Oh man. Classic!