It Could Only Happen in Montreal

I was riding the elevator yesterday, when I spotted Attention Screen's Mark Flynn and Chris Jones. I jumped out of the lift and asked, "What's up?"

"We are looking for large men," Chris said.


"We need to get the piano onto the stage," Mark explained. "It's on the floor."

I volunteered and they went to find more brawn. Ten minutes later, a gang of 15 Montrealers entered, sent by FSI show organizer Michel Plante. We surrounded the piano, chanted "One, two, allez" and cleaned and jerked that sucker up and over the stage lip. One minute later, they were gone and John Atkinson, Bob Reina, Don Fiorino, Chris, Mark, and I were staring at the piano on stage and wondering, Did that really happen?

As the photo shows, Bob Reina gave the piano a good working out at Friday evening's Stereophile-sponsored concert.