A Turntable from Calibre

There were lots of turntables at the show, but the one that intrigued me the most was the Calibre Mk.101, from Audio Excellence, the Toronto-area dealer, which is making its first foray into the turntable business. The Calibre Mk.101 has a with a marble plinth, 1.5" thick acrylic platter, AC motor with speed regulation, high-quality polished bearing, and looks elegant without being ostentatious. The price of $1999 includes a good-quality arm, with further arm upgrades available. Audio Excellences stated aim in introducing the Calibre Mk.101 is "the best reproduction of records at the lowest price possible—making turntables we would own."

Doug Bowker's picture

Wow! For the 2 grand that thing is unbelivable! What a beauty!

Jose Miguel's picture

Dear Stew Nelles,What kind of modification do you think are necessary change in this turntable? Now the maker has new models...

Nick's picture

It is a beaut and the rep/owner/distributor was so enthusiastic about it. Answered all questions regarding the table, even told me there was another one with a different marble plinth. Nice!!!!

tom collins's picture

want one. want one baaad.

stew nelless's picture

Having been involved with a different brand table that is exactly the same, produced by the same company as the Calibre, I can tell you in it's stock state it is not what I would consider great---particularly the tonearm which does not belong anywhere near this turntable. Nor does the existing main bearing. My colleagues have been involved with this particular manufacturer for the last 18-24 months, having travelled to the factory, and I have made several modifications to the design to get it "right". It is getting closer, but still isn't there, and hence we have not "introduced" this table prematurely. I've seen this table with at least 5 brands on it. So no, it is not a "new design, nor a new "model. The maker has at least 8 versionsWhen the table performs in a manner that is consistent with it's looks, and the complete list of improvements have been made., it will be offered to the public. (I currently have 2 of these turntables in pieces waiting for the mo

Adrian Low's picture

Thanks for the wonderful comments. Our production turntable has custom main bearing, motor and regulation. We love the granite base, and the arm is certainly competitive. The key issue is always one of value, and Calibre aims to offer just that. Best wishes, Adrian Low

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