GamuT's El Superiores

Is $140,000 the new price point for loudspeakers? No, that's not quite right—unlike the KEF Muon, the price of the GamuT S9 El Superiores is "only" $130,000/pair. Like the KEF model, this is intended to push the boundaries of what's possible in loudspeaker design, but the two speakers bear absolutely no resemblance to each other. GamuT's speakers use the principle of distributed resonance in the design of their speaker cabinets, allowing the natural resonance of each part of the cabined to decay undamped, but distributing these resonances over such a wide are that the overall frequency response remains linear, but without what designer Lars Goller's feels is the "unmusical" sound of highly damped enclosures. Here's Lars with the S9. And, yes, the speakers did sound quite wonderful.

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I know I could go to the website and read more, but just as an ignorant consumer I wonder what there adds up to 130k.'s picture

Price not withstanding, I know a very curious toddler who would LOVE to get his little mits in between those rubber band grils and have some fun with those drivers! Afterwords, they'd climb up the grills to check out the tweeters. :)

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GamuT rules !!!! I love !!!

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