Revenge of the FtTH

Yeung was demonstrating a few new Blue Circle products, an inexpensive USB DAc and the $4895 95Wpc FtTH integrated amplifier. Yeung calls the FtTH his "statement" preamp, saying that it employs Blue Circle's True Balanced Audio technology, which, he says, "drives both the positive and the negative output terminals for better control of the loudspeakers."

This is a solution to a problem I was not aware of, but the FtTH did sound good driving a pair of JM Reynaud Duets ($1525/pair).

The FtTH's preamp section employs a pair of 6922s, while the power amp uses op-amps.It has an outboard power supply. I asked Gilbert how you pronounce FtTH and he said, "Eff tee tee aitch—the capitals are silent."

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Nice t-shirt Gilbert..... :)