Small Coherent Source

While Thiel's Ken Dawkins and I were talking, he said, "Have I told you about the SCS4?"

Why no.

"It replaces the SCS3. It costs $990 each and has sensitivity of 88dB. It has a cast aluminum baffle and the same concentric driver as the twice as expensive PowerPoint."

Dawkins paused to think. "Did I cover everything? Oh yeah, not only do they play louder than the SCS3s, they're cheaper!"

Fine, fine, but what about a pair of CS3.7s for Stereophile?

"They are manufacturing that pair at this very minute!"

Well, all right.

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When did Thiel forego its Kentucky roots to have its speakers constructed in China? That must be the reason the SCS4s are cheaper than the SCS3s! Too bad.

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Can we expect direct replacement of discontinued PCS monitor louspeakers dedicated to stereo systems?