Software Galore at FSI

"Cinema—musique—beaux-arts." That's what it says on Mario Boisvert's business card. His Montreal store, Le Ren Art Bleu, sells LPs, CDs, original art, and Blu-ray discs. How is that for diversification? He had some of each at FSI—with just about the lowest priced I've seen for Blu-ray discs.

Nick's picture

Indeed a great store, I was surprised and happy to see they were there; walked off with $100 worth of vinyl.

Francois's picture

Very cool boutique, a lot's of treasures in there!! A place to go if you are audiophile and love Cinema. too.

Edward Bouchard's picture

Realy nice concept of a boutique, I agree, and nice people also, very friendly. My surprise was this Fred Jourdain artist that they promote, TRULY AMAZING!!!

Jerome's picture

Best store in town no doubt!The records are in great condition!The place is clean ,you are able to listen the selection( that is really something) you made!Also you got some nice art on the wall of the store!Make the place really beautiful ,and plus you got a really nice service, what else can i say ,go look by yourself!

Patrick Smith's picture

Had just bought a blu-ray player and passed by the renart bleu kiosk, WOW!! bought 10 titles right on the spot, cheapest prices ever, and good titles too, can't wait to visit their boutique on Saint Denis street. Talked with Mario, the owner, he really knows his stuff, cinema and music also. I don't know nothing about art, but this Fred Jourdain artist he promotes is fantastic. Thumps up, Mario!