Hunka Hunka Burnin' Glass

The Galactus-sized Audio Research Reference 610T monoblock amplifiers ($20,000/ea) put out 600W. They require 8 matched pairs of 6550C output tubes, one 6550c regulator, one 6H30 as an amplifier regulator, a pair of 6550Cs as drivers, two 6NIP input tubes, and a 6H30 follower—that's a ton of tubes.

But man, oh man, did it makes Sonus Faber's Stradivarius sing in the Son or Filtronique room.

Details here.

Thomas's picture

Shame they blow up the whole time, otherwise they sound great

Ovation's picture

While I could never hope to afford either these amps or the Sonus Faber speakers to which they were connected, I can say they sounded fantastic (even though the music selection playing when I was in the room was not among my favourites).And the heat from those tubes would certainly allow me to turn down the thermostat (though with electricity as cheap as it is in Quebec, it might take me several centuries to finance the amps with the savings).

Bebop's picture

Amazing how we can perceive sound different. I can't say it sounded bad, but in my (and my wife's ears) the sound was far to wholly. Especially in the upper bass which put a kind a blanket in front of the rest.