The Price Is Right: Audiophile Edition

All right, it's time to play The Price Is Right: Audiophile Edition. Take a look at the speakers in the picture. What do you think they would sell for? To help you with the bidding, I'll tell you that each speaker has a 12" Peerless bass driver, 6.5" midrange with a Kevlar cone, and a titanium-aluminum cone tweeter, all mounted in separate resin-moulded cabinets. Each speaker weights about 150 lbs and the cabinet is beautifully finished.

Have you got your bid? Unless you bid just under $5550 (promotional price) for the pair, you lost! The speaker is called The Lord of the Tone, from Herald, based in Guangdong, China. (Were you perhaps thinking Switzerland?) According to the product literature, Herald has 22 years' experience in audio equipment production, and the speakers are designed in Canada by "Dr. Jack Hanks, World famous Electroacoustics Doctor." I didn't get much of a chance to listen to the speakers, but what I heard was promising—and the price is incredible.