Duelling Lightspheres

The advent of digital cameras has re-kindled my interest in photography, and I enjoy discuss photography in person and on some Internet forums. Doug Schneider of SoundStage.com (left) is another "photo guy," and one I know likes to use flash in his photography. I avoid using flash whenever I can, but I do use it sometimes; lately, I've been having more success with flash using the Gary Fong Lightsphere II, a light diffuser that bears a resemblance to something made by Tupperware. I had the Lightsphere II with me at the Show, so when I ran into Doug at FSI, I was excited about showing him this useful if strange-looking gizmo. He then took out his Lightsphere II from his camera bag, and we were ready for a "duelling Lightspheres" photo opportunity.

Alex's picture

That looks like an interesting diffuser. I used to get really good results by cutting out a translucent lid of a coffee can and taping it on the flash head. This thing looks neater though. Is it over $20? If so, is it worth it?

Robert Deutsch's picture

It's $49. There are certainly cheaper alternatives, including ones that are essentially free. However, most--but by no means all--who've compared the Lightsphere to other methods of diffusing light from a flash prefer the Lightsphere. I haven't done these comparisons myself, but I've found the Lightsphere to work better than direct or bounced flash. Do a search for "lightsphere" in the forums of www.dpreview.com to get a range of opinions.