Best Sound at the Show: Sonus Faber & Ayre

"What did you think of the Sonus Faber/Ayre system?" I always feel like I'm being put on the spot when being asked this kind of question, and I usually say something vaguely positive but noncommittal. "Um, it sounded nice." I had listened to that system only briefly at that point, and had just a general favorable impression. I went back later, listened some more, and came to the conclusion that this was one of the most natural-sounding systems at the show. Not loud and spectacular in an obvious way, just "natural." But then I don't think I've ever heard a non-musical-sounding Sonus Faber speaker, and these Amati anniversarios (to be reviewed by John Atkinson in the May issue of Stereophile) were perfectly complemented by Ayre C-5xe universal disc player (Stereophile's Joint Product of 2005), K-1xe preamp and V-1xe power amp.

nunh's picture

I read nothing but great comments about Sonus Faber speakers - excited about the upcoming review!

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We at Sonor-Filtronique are delighted that Mr.Deutsch enjoyed the sound offered by the Ayre/Sonus Faber music system.The natural quality thatMr. Deutsch commented on, is something we strive for in all our systems. Paul Tr

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The V1-x evolution is now in my basement, as part of a system including the dCS stack (Verdi LaScala, Delius), Ayre K5-x, Siltech cables (Forbes Lake and Eskay Creek) and Verity Audio Parsifals. Absolutely wonderful sound. I am grateful to the wonderful people at Sonor, especially Mr paul Trepanier who essentially designed the system. I am ecstatic about the sound, and grateful for his help. Benjamin