Affordable System? Almost!

As usual with shows of this type, many of the systems demoed at FSI cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, Angie Lisi of Audiopathic, distributor of some stratospherically-priced equipment, made it a point to assemble a relatively affordable yet highly musical-sounding system, consisting of the Manley Stingray integrated amp ($2250), Totem Rainmaker speakers ($1198/pair), and an Accuphase CD player. Oh, did you want to know the price of the CD player? Umm—$6995. When I pointed out to Angie the incongruousness of having this expensive CD player as part of the system, she replied—somewhat sheepishly, I thought—"It was the cheapest CD player I had around."

Stephen Mejias's picture

Quite a nice looking system, IMHO. And I bet it sounds great, too.
The Rainmakers remind me a lot of my little DeVore gibbon 3s.

nunh's picture

I'm going to have to purchase a pair of Totems...

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Ed Palmer's picture

I'm not a big stereophile myself. In fact not at all, it's all too expensive to get "quality" stuff.Instead, I buy cellulite exercises.It was worth a shot ;)