$200k Systems!

The two most expensive systems at the show, each costing about US$200,000, were the all-McIntosh system, and the system using Pierre Gabriel Grand Master speakers and Jadis electronics/digital source. (Actually, the Pierre Gabriel system was "only" US$180,000, so you can afford a trip to France with what you would save over the McIntosh.) Did they sound impressive? Yes, but, personally, I have trouble relating to any system whose price is so far beyond the reach of ordinary audiophiles. Having said that, it's good to have systems like this at shows, so that people can judge for themselves what they offer in the way of sound quality. M. Gabriel himself was on hand to demonstrate the system featuring his speakers.

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I have always been very impressed with the Jadis tube sound but this system is out of my price range. I have heard that Jadis has some newer, smaller and more affordable integrated amps that sound amazing. In the near future, I would like to see Stereophile write a review on one of these new products.

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The idea of presenting the Montreal Show in only one hotel was a wise decision but I remarked that a lot of rooms were a little bit small. However, there were a couple of spacious rooms where we could sit to listen to music and walk around to look at displayed products without beeing pushed or feeling disturbed. One of those rooms was the one of Jadis and Pierre Gabriel. Their set up was impressive!! sonically and visually. It was the flagship of the marks and we could feel it...from the delicate reproduction of a violon to a drum solo precise and powerfull.They also displayed affordable and well built integrated amps from Jadis and smaller speakers and cables from Pierre Gabriel, a kind of beautiful components we can not only dream of but also acquire for a reasonnable price.It has been a long time since I read a review about Jadis products in Stereophile. Why not give a try to a combo Jadis-Pierre Gabriel? I'm sure that a lot of your readers will appreciate it.A.B.

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I went to visit the Show of Montr

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Big sound at the show. Very expensive gear but more affordable do exist and need to be discovered. Pierre Gabriel Acoustic Inc, a small business with limited resources but always among the best sound at the Montreal Show. They must be doing something right !