Signature Cantons

The German Canton line of speakers has a new flagship: the Vento Reference 1 DC ($30,000). Looking closely at these beautifully finished speakers, I noticed that in the back panel of each the speaker there were about a dozen signatures. Could it be that some FSI visitors have been engaging in some audiophile graffiti? No. These are the signatures of the speaker's designers, including Canton's chief engineer Frank Göbl, and the people who built these specific speakers. I really like that.

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I understand why you may like that (and I do also) but, being the obsessive compulsive audiophile that I am, heck no!

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I suspect that if you talked to the Canton people they could get you a non-signed pair of the speakers :-)I should add that when I wrote about these speakers I had not heard them yet. (They were playing the B&Os.) I got a chance to listen to them on the last day of the show, and I thought they sounded terrific: a big, bold sound, easily filling the large open space they were in.