Ypsilon PST-100 Mk.II line preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Tubed preamplifier with remote control, transformer-operated volume control, and switchable passive mode. Tube complement: 6CA4, C3m. Inputs: 5 unbalanced line-level (RCA), 1 unbalanced (XLR). Outputs: 1 unbalanced (RCA), 1 unbalanced (XLR), 1 buffered Tape Out (RCA). Frequency response: 9Hz–100kHz, –3dB. THD: not specified. Signal/noise: not specified. Channel separation: not specified. Maximum output: not specified. Input impedance: 50k ohms. Output impedance: 150 ohms.
Dimensions: 15.6" (400mm) W by 7" (180mm) H by 16" (410mm) D. Weight: 55 lbs (25kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 017.
Prices: $37,000; completely passive PST-100 TA, $26,000. Approximate number of dealers: 8.
Manufacturer: Ypsilon Electronics, Y8 AG. Athanasioy Street, Peania 19002, Athens, Greece. Tel: (30) 210-66-44-588. Fax: (30) 210-66-44-812. Web: www.ypsilonelectronics.com. US distributor: Aaudio Imports, 4871 Raintree Drive, Parker, CO 80134. Tel: (720) 851-2525. Fax: (720) 851-7575. Web: www.aaudioimports.com.

Ypsilon Electronics, Y8 AG
US distributor: Aaudio Imports
4871 Raintree Drive
Parker, CO 80134
(720) 851-2525