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Your own personal break in period.


You know how people mention that gear needs to warm up (in a given listening session) or break in (longer term) to allow us to hear its true sonic performance? You think the same is true of you?

If you notice a system changes its sound as it reaches a steady state, in your opinion, what part of that might be you?

Do your ears warm up as you listen, does your acuity seem to improve, decline?

Example: Turn on system, sounds a certain way, then as the system 'settles in,' you notice a difference. Is it all the system, or is it also you?

How about a system that's well broken in, has been on for a while before you get home - do you notice differences as your ears settle in?

Do you notice differences in your own sonic performance over the course of a listening session or relatively short period of time?

n a related note, I think part of the 'break in' period we talk about for gear also includes some component of the components breaking us in!

Listening fatigue seems to fit in this, as well. Ever hear a system you are at first attracted to, but the honeymoon is short lived? Our enjoyment of a system can change, certainly - even to the point of liking the sound at one point, and then growing off the sound over a given period of time.

If you notice any of these things, how does it change your expectations, listening pleasure, listening 'skill,' or other part of your experience?

I hope Michigan stops by, I wonder if he has a take on how certain listener directed tweaks may factor in this. I wonder if he'd say that some tweaks are able to prolong your enjoyment of a system, or give you a longer window of acuity?

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