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Your Brain on Music

So, if we're willing to accept the seemingly reasonable premise that the brain handles what it gets from our ears in about the same way as what it gets from our eyes, we now have "scientific" support for the following:

1- "Critical listening" is a limiting exercise - liable to make things worse not better,

2- DBT (critical listening in the extreme) is of no value in selecting a system,

3- The best way to evaluate a system or component is to listen to it over a long time.

Doesn't this leave the guy who says, "If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist." hoisted on his own petard? How about that!

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Re: Your Brain on Music

But isn't listening really using your ears as a sensor to be an input device into the analyzer? The analyzer being teh BRAIN? Eyes are sensors, which can input data into the analyzer while teh ears are input devices into the analyzer using data, perhaps optical data being input into the analyzer shifts the calculations of teh audiotory analyzer. Similar to when you calibrate the instruments based on known refernces. Everything is measureable, if it really exists. With some type of measuremnt tool. If there was sound in a wire, having any effect, it is measurable....too small a line cord, which would restrict current capacity, WOULD be measured in a voltage drop at maybe the input of teh mains transformer of the amp or pre does have a way of measuring things. Huckster and scammers have a way of fooling the gullible, by distorting your measurement analyzer (brain) with colorful optical inputs, namely ads of wonderful images of specially wound and twisted nonsnese......demagnetized any plastic lately? Ever meet a magic tweak some golden eared reviewers never disliked? So many quoates in ads for wires and wood blocks, by such ears capable of hearing this magic, ONLY $499 for a set of 8 magic blocks!!!!

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