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You know you're...

You know you're a geek when
*you laugh like Goofy and carry glasses heavier than your shoes
*you prefer reading "Comprehensive C++" instead of going to a party
*you are able to quote correctly from comic books more than 20 years old
*you offer to read out loud for your class while the teacher gets a phone call
*you know the city train timetable by heart
*you can tell the number of brake Horsepower a Tupolev TU-134A develops from each engine
*you can tell what a Tupolev TU-134A is at all
*you're able to read at 3

You know you're a wimp when
*your bride carries you over the doorstep
*an old lady offers to carry your potatoes
*your 13 year old nephew beats you in armwrestling
*your wife beats you in armwrestling
*you cannot run as fast as your 9 year old niece
*you can do

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